CC 9060 Smart


It speaks for itself

  • MP3 playback from mobile phone via the car hi-fi system1,2
  • Touch screen – easy-to-use system with intuitive multifunction display
  • Crystal-clear voice reproduction via vehicle’s built-in sound system; automatic radio muting when calling
  • Display shows contacts, call log and caller data1
  • Stores multiple numbers for one contact
  • Maximum capacity: 10 handsets, 1000 text messages, 150 voice tags, 15.000 contacts (up to 1.500 contacts per phone)

1The scope of the functions may vary according to mobile phone, network provider and software version.
2AUX cable or CAR MP3/CD Adapter needed (accessory).


Fact Sheet

What does the BURY hands-free kit with Bluetooth® technology offer?

It all depends on individual needs. You can choose from fixed or portable devices, with voice control or touch screen, or an MP3 player. In each case, the phone connects wirelessly to the speakerphone.

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