eCall optional


Saves up to 50% time needed for saving life

By introducing the eCall automatic emergency call system BURY company sets new standards in security issues. Already in 2015 BURY company met high requirements of the Russian automotive industry as the first European manufacturer. Being able to boast a GOST certificate eCall system was built in many models of cars in 2016. Starting from 2017 emergency equipment will be mandatory for all new cars on the Russian market.

From 2018 eCall system will also be mandatory in every new car model in the European Union.

Advanced solutions of BURY company offer a whole range of applications: as series equipment, retrofitting, Plug-n-Play solution or All-In-One solution.

Optionally, eCall created by BURY company can be equipped with additional functions, e.g.  Dash-Cam.


Life-saving information

eCall can be activated either by the sensors, for example in response to the opening of the airbags, or by pressing the emergency button. All information related to the accident which enables quick help will be sent automatically. Stable voice connection provides direct contact between emergency call centers and the injured and calling emergency rescue teams.

The European Union is planning to regulate other types of vehicles as well. In this way it would ensure fast transmission of important and often life-saving information on dangerous goods transported by truck or on the number

of passengers on the bus.

According to the European Commission, automatic alarm system would decrease the time of arrival of emergency services in urban areas by up to 40%, while in rural areas – up to 50%.

eCall system offered by Bury company meets all domestic and European requirements.



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