Intelligent wireless location function

Where did I put it? Everyone heard this sentence at least once or articulated it themselves while looking for keys or a mobile phone nervously, most often in a rush. We search in a jacket pocket, look at the storage place, or rummage under the seat – still we cannot find them. There are many places and possibilities, where these important accessories may be hidden or lost.

In such cases the Keyfinder is helpful, it enables finding these things in one second. It can be easily fixed to some often used objects like travel accessories, a bag, a suitcase, keys and backpacks. If the owner is near these objects (Bluetooth), he/she can send a sound signal via the application and follow it until he/ she finds the Keyfinder device.

If the owner is out of device’s range, then the application will direct him/ her to the place where the connection was established for the last time.


Design and functioning

Functionality meets lifestyle

Various makes and models of vehicles are designed for various target groups of various needs and requirements.  Makes and vehicles tell a lot about the driver – they often provide information about the lifestyle he or she identifies with – also outside the vehicle.
Particularly, the accessories for the given product have large influence on creating image and lifstyle.  To be reliable for the customer they must have the same attributes as the right product.





Other products

The most popular and most frequently purchased basic set of the System 8 family of hands-free devices.
USB interfaces
USB interfaces are most commonly used devices of CE type in cars.
A high-quality microphone stands out with distortion-free, undisturbed voice transmission.